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Relax Focus Succeed

by Karl W. Palachuk






Being successful takes practice and dedication.


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Publish Your First Book



Title: Publish Your First Book: A Quick Start Guide To Professional Self-Publishing

By: Karl W. Palachuk

Pages: 250 (estimated)

Binding: Paperback

Publication Date: June 2011


Table of Contents:

Section I: Getting Started
1 - This Guide
2 - About the Author
3 - Writing Non Fiction
4 - Process Overview
5 - Begin with the End In Mind
6 – Your Marketing Plan
7 - Budget and Cash Flow Projection


Section II: Resources
8 – Interns and Other "Staff"
9 - Local Writers/Publishers/Editors
10 - Outsourcing on the Internet


Section III: Some Mechanics and Technical Stuff
11 - Legal and Tax Issues
12 - ISBNs
13 – Some Design Considerations
14 - Library of Congress
15 - Copyrights


Section IV: Editing, Layout, and Production
16 - Layout
17 - Copy Editing
18 - Cover Design
19 - Cover Template and Production Variables
20 - Uploading PDFs
21 - Drafts and Review Copies


Section V: Printing and Distribution
22 - Lightning Source / Ingram Books
23 - Hulu, Amazon, and Other Alternatives
24 - Kindle and Other "Readers"
25 - Self-Distribution


Section VI: Integrating Your Web Site, Mailing List, and Payment Systems
26 - First Step: A Mailing List
27 - Be Ready to Take Money
28 - Store Software
29 - Building Your Web Site
30 - Bundling
31 - Your Other Services


Section VII: Sales, Marketing, and Promotion
32 - Pricing for Non-Fiction
33 - Your Marketing Plan (Revised)
34 – Using Social Media Effectively
35 – Give-Aways and Samples
36 – When Promotion Becomes Product
37 - Gimmicks, Gotchas, and Schemes to Avoid


Section VIII: Final Analysis
38 - Congratulations
39 – Launch Party?
40 - How Would You Do This Again?





"We all dream. Karl shows us how to dream elaborately. We all set goals. Karl shows us how to set goals that make our lives more fulfilling."

-- Ben Gay III

Sales Trainer and Coach


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Relax Focus Succeed

by Karl W. Palachuk


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For more about this book, check out the "About This Book" Page


Chapter 1: This Guide

Installment 01: Introduction and Chapter One of "Publish Your First Book - A Quick Start Guide to Professionally Publishing In The Digital Age"


Chapter 2: About the Author

Installment 02: Author Karl W. Palachuk discusses his success in the world of non-fiction self-publishing and gives some insights into what you can expect.


Chapter 3: Writing Non-Fiction

Installment 03: This chapter explains a bit about the advantages of being a non-fiction author and touches on some of the economic of the non-fiction environment.


Chapter 4: Process Overview

Installment 04: An overview of the publishing process with some good tips on managing the non-writing tasks while you are writing.




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